Australian City Plans Unique Bitcoin Project

It is important that citizens also have the opportunity to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. At least two of the 12 Council members have already expressed their support.

The Australian city of Launceston plans to build the world’s largest local Bitcoin revolution

Support from local businesses and government has already been announced for the Launceston Launch project. The organizers of the project say the Tasmanian city with its 106,000 inhabitants is perfect for this test. The plan is to divide the Bitcoin revolution supply chain into different levels. Users should have the opportunity to receive and spend Bitcoin revolution. It is not planned that Bitcoin will generally have to be exchanged back into the local currency.

It is important that citizens also have the opportunity to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. At least two of the 12 council members have already expressed their support.

Project manager Adam Pulton has already talked about Bitcoin’s great potential to put the city, which otherwise never appears in the international press, in the spotlight:

“Bitcoin is a currency that is already being used in all developed countries and has moved more than 200 billion US dollars in the last 12 months. It’s time that Launceston also got its share.”

This project, coupled with other tourism and real estate projects, plus a social media campaign, could attract more wealthy tourists to the city who would be encouraged to spend Bitcoins.

The Launceston Launch project should end up being a closed system that starts with the Bitcoin acceptance by the retailers, who then transport the acceptance to other retailers in the supply chain. In the end, the cycle should remain within the city until the cost advantage is realized.

The Bitcoin payments and, if necessary, the conversion of Bitcoin into Australian dollars will be handled by the Sydney-based Bitcoin payment processor BitPOS.

Premium Bitcoin loophole Sponsors Have Already Signed

At least two Bitcoin loophole companies have already signed up for a “Gold Sponsorship”. This includes Dr. Roger Bernard, a surgeon who has been studying and observing Bitcoin loophole according to onlinebetrug since the beginning of 2013.

Bernard said:

“I’m a big fan of the Launceston Launch project and that’s why I signed up directly as a Gold Sponsor.”

Bitcoin could also help him expand his skin care distribution internationally, Bernard said.

Growing interest
Dale Dickins, an avowed Bitcoin enthusiast and documentary filmmaker from Melbourne, is also planning a public awareness campaign. At the same time, four Bitcoin vending machines are to be installed, the number of which will be increased as the project progresses.

Marketing will focus primarily on female consumers aged 25-45, as this group makes the most use of their smartphones and visits all kinds of shops.

Initial reactions from the shops have been quite positive, Poulton says. Although general attention is still quite low, businesses are slowly beginning to realize the potential for cost savings and the convenient benefits of the digital currency, Poulton added.

There are several locations worldwide that have launched similar projects to further promote Bitcoin. These include projects in The Hague (NL), Bali (Indonesia), Jersey and the Isle of Man.