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Bitcoin ATMs: Also some good news from China

From One Way to Full Service Bitcoin ATMs. Here are last week’s Bitcoin ATM news.

It looks like the community is still looking for a suitable name for the Bitcoin ATMs – except Robocoin. The company refers to its machines as “Branches”. We will continue to use the terms Bitcoin ATMs or Bitcoin ATMs (Bitcoin ATM) for the time being. Only so that everyone knows what we are talking about and Google knows what to do with it.

The last week has brought us a nice buffet of many new Bitcoin ATMs. Proof that Bitcoin and hardware support continues to expand worldwide.

The Bitcoin cash dispenser installed in an iced coffee shop in Taiwan has received an update in the form of a multilingual interface due to its international clientele. The Lamassu machine now also serves its customers in English, Italian, German and French. A Chinese interface is being planned and will probably be installed very soon.

According to the company, a second Bitcoin secret will be launched soon

The country that once gave the world the liberal economy continues its course with a Lamassu Bitcoin secret and 0% transaction fee. Electronics retailer Cex is also promoting its Bitcoin secret and wants customers to have the opportunity to purchase Bitcoins easily from their local store in Glasgow.

The GlobalBitcoin Summit in Beijing last week was not only about regulations, mining hardware and central banks. The startup BitcOcean took the opportunity to demonstrate some active Bitcoin machines developed in cooperation with OkCoin.

Vancouver has developed into the spiritual home of Bitcoin vending machines. Not least because the first Bitcoin vending machine worldwide was installed there last October. Now the city has another Lamassu vending machine. The owner Yuri Yerofeyev, the director of The Bitcoin Co-op, put the machine into operation last week.

The Bitcoin cryptosoft machine is located at 1195 Robson Street in Vancouver

The prices depend on the Virtex stock exchange and the customers pay a surcharge of 5%, which is not a scam according to onlinebetrug. At the moment the cryptosoft operator still grants an introductory discount and collects only 3% fees. So who is currently in Vancouver: Pronto Pronto!

“Do it Yourself” Bitcoin vending machines
If someone wants to build their own Bitcoin ATM, they can do so with the Do it Yourself Bitcoin ATM from Open Bitcoin ATM. The machine is available in Canada and the USA for 645 dollars, and so far only accepts US dollars.

Bristol and London, England
UK-based SatoshiPoint says it has a Robocoin that is still under customs clearance. The machine will be installed at Superfoods (25-27 St Stephens Street in Bristol). The company plans to install Bitcoin ATMs throughout the country.

SatoshoPoint also has Robocoin ATMs in London, which will go into operation after the Bitcoin2014 in Amsterdam. The Bitcoin2014 ended on Sunday.

London is now well on its way to outperforming Singapore with the most Bitcoin vending machines.

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